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First Time Homeowner? Four Ways To Enhance Security & Ensure Your Family Remains Safe

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As a first time homeowner, the process of moving into your new home has no doubt included many new experiences and responsibilities, such as maintaining the major systems of the home and caring for the yard, as well as covering the mortgage, insurance premiums and utility bills. In the frenzied activity that surrounds moving and settling into the home, however, you may have neglected one very important responsibility - home security. If you are a first-time homeowner who would like to make sure that you have fulfilled your responsibility to keep your family and home safe and secure, the following tips can help you meet your security needs without stressing your budget. 

Improve security by removing potential hiding spots

Many homes, especially those that have mature landscaping or those where the yard has been neglected, offer a wealth of potential hiding spots where thieves and vandals can observe your home without being seen. These include: 

  • tall bushes, trees and plants near the home, fences or access points capable of hiding one or more adults 
  • unnecessary structures, parked vehicles or items located where they block the view from within the home, potentially allowing someone to approach the home without being seen
  • unlighted walkways, gates and pathways around the home capable of allowing someone to approach the home without being noticed

Add light to dark or shadowy areas

Installing motion detection or dusk-to-dawn lighting on all sides of the home, as well as near garages, walkways and entry and access points to the property can be an excellent way to discourage criminal activity on your property. When installing them, make sure to place them high enough to keep someone from attempting to remove the bulbs or prevent them from taking some sort of action to keep the lights from working. In addition, make sure that you check the lights frequently and replace bulbs as needed to ensure they are working when you need them. 

Upgrade doors and door locks

Even if the home you purchased has locks that appear to be in good condition, it is very important for you to have the locks changed when you move in, and if necessary, upgrade them to make sure they offer quality deadbolts. In addition, if any of your exterior doors are lightweight or hollow core doors, it is a good idea to upgrade them with steel or heavy wooden doors that offer optimal security

Opt for a professionally installed residential security system

Installing a professional security system that offers an alarm system, as well as monitoring for carbon monoxide and other dangers is one of the best ways to ensure that your home and family remains safe, whether you are at home, work or away. When choosing the system for your home, look for one that will alert emergency services in an emergency to ensure that help arrives quickly, should you need it. 

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