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4 Advantages Of A Virtualized Business Telephone System

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Wondering how you can cut costs with your business? Looking to improve your employee productivity? A virtualized business telephone system can provide all of this and more -- if it's set up properly. A virtualized business phone system mimics a traditional phone system but uses cellphones rather than desk phones. The calls are still routed the same way and still seem the same to the client, but with some benefits.

1. Employees Aren't Chained to their Desk

Virtualized business telephone systems let employees answer their phone wherever they are. They don't need to be at their desk to get their call. Fewer missed calls leads to happier customers. If your employees frequently go on-site and visit clients, they may not be at their desk very often if at all. This will also reduce your administrative burden; you won't need an assistant to go around trying to determine whether someone is at their desk and available for a call or not. 

2. Lines Can Be Added Easily

Adding a line under a virtualized system is as simple as purchasing a new cellphone. Adding a line under a conventional telecom system requires physical wiring to be run, which can involve installation costs itself. Moreover, each line is usually far more expensive than a new cellular line. VoIP systems can reduce the cost of additional lines, but will still rely upon a single source of bandwidth, requiring data upgrades if lines exceed a certain amount. 

3. The System is Less Expensive Overall

A virtualized system is less expensive because it doesn't require any technology to be installed in the office itself. Conventional telecommunications solutions require expensive equipment such as a PBX system. Cellphones can also be significantly less expensive than advanced business telephones, which can be many hundreds of dollars.

4. Company-Wide Outages Cannot Occur

Have you ever seen a company panic when its phone system went down? It happens to almost every company -- but it won't happen to a virtualized company. The only centralized system to a virtualized business telephone solution is the transfer desk, and the transfer desk can have a backup available should service go down. Since it's unlikely that all of your employees cellphones aren't going to die at the same time, a company-wide outage practically can't happen.

A virtualized telephone system isn't the best system for every business, but it can still help a great deal of companies. This is especially true for small to mid-sized businesses or businesses that often send workers out of the office. A commercial business phone system company like CommPro Communication Specialists  can explain more.